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Bara'ah Omoush

Author Ideas:

تعليمهم العمل الحر على الانترنت

  اولا يمكننا اعطائهم محاضره تعريفيه عن الموضوع وتوضيح لهم ما هي الاعمال الي ممكن يعملو فيها كتصميم باستخدام  الفوتوشوب او تعلم تصميم مواقع او تطبيقات اندرويد وهنالك مجالات اخرى وتعريفهم على المواقع العالميه والعربيه للعمل ايضا&nb...

What is Working Dreamers?

A competition-based online platform that empowers companies and individuals by giving them the opportunity to work together to find the best ideas for the projects. It operates via a voting system that filters the ideas and allows the project’s pre-set jury to select the winner.

How can I participate?

  1. If you’d like to have a project on Working Dreamers, click on ‘Start a Project’.
  2. If you have an idea for an existing project, click on ‘Add your Idea’.
  3. If you like an idea, click on ‘Vote’.

What is the deadline?

Deadline is pre-set by the Project Owners. That’s the last day you can submit or edit your idea. You’ll be able to see the last day on the right-hand side of the project card image.

What can I gain?

As a Project Owner, you have the chance to foster innovation, gain higher market impact, faster results, and a global outreach through dealing with a transparent system.

As an idea submitter, you have the potential to win a Bounty, gain exposure, network, be inspired, learn, test your potential, and showcase your talent.

Please, note that the Project Owner will be responsible for the transferring of the said bounty.

Can I edit my project?

Yes, you can edit your project until the deadline. You can also edit a submitted idea till the project deadline.

What am I required to pay?

For Project Owners, we charge $100, $500, $1000 per 30 days depending on your needs. For further information about these packages, please send an email to info@sevens.world. No project is approved before payment.