Bidna Fikra - بدنا فكرة

Orient Spirit Development is a vocational training center for special needs. We are currently looking for a new idea to teach our students at our center! Do you have any great ideas for us? Tell us your idea for a chance to win $700!


2017-07-04 13:01:13
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الرحمه بامة المسلمين جميعا ل نسعى بتامين احتياجاتهم فنحن امة واحده و ذلك بالتصدق من الناس المقتدره الى الناس المحتاجه ل بناء محال تجاريه(عمل سوق تجاري) للانتفاع بها لمن لا يعملون من الناس حتى ان كانت اعمالهم صغيره و يدويه و ايضا للحد من نسبة البطاله في المجتمع و التشرد

What is Working Dreamers?

A competition-based online platform that empowers companies and individuals by giving them the opportunity to work together to find the best ideas for the projects. It operates via a voting system that filters the ideas and allows the project’s pre-set jury to select the winner.

How can I participate?

Select Add Idea, enter all the information required, then submit the form. We look forward to knowing your idea!

What is the deadline?

Deadline is in 0 minutes. That’s the last day you can submit or edit your idea.

What can I gain?

You can win the bounty provided by the project manager in the amount of 700 USD. The exposure and credit for having the winning idea. Honest feedback on your idea so that you can work to enhance, learn and come up with new ideas!