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The Butterfly effect

2017-09-27 16:21:46
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‘’The clapping of the wings of a butterfly above Tokyo can cause a storm in New York’’. This concept is a mathematical theory called ‘’The butterfly effect’’ that demonstrates how small causes can have large effects. To me, it reflects the uniqueness of every individual regardless of one’s background and circumstances.

As a child, I was a tech-lover. I was always active in technology related fields and I have always believed in the power of science. I joined my very first robotics team when I was 10 and I participated in several national and international competitions including Arab championships, European Championships and the World Festival. My team and I managed to win several core awards throughout. Five years later, after becoming the national champions, we managed to become the first Lebanese team to win the Arabian robotics competition that was held in Qatar by the time. And we preserved a place to participate in the World robotics festival held in the United States with over 40000 participants. We made it to the world festival with nearly null financial support from any Lebanese company or party but rather individual support from our families. But we proved ourselves by becoming the world champions’ first-runner ups. My role as a team member has ended that year, but my dream in this field was left incomplete: becoming the world robotics champion. Therefore, I started my first coaching experience at the age of 16, as the world’s youngest coach in this event. Together with my team, we managed to become the world robotics champions in 2015 on top of 44000 teams around the world in the biggest robotics competition around the globe, and most importantly, we taught the Arab teams to Dare to Dream.

Today, at the age of 20, I have used tech-skills that I have learned to pursue with a work field related to science and technology. I am majoring in Chemical engineering and I work as a research assistant at Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and international affairs. My topic is about energy policy and security in the middle east with emphasis on management of spent nuclear fuel from nuclear power plants. I decided, however, that I would like to give back to the robotics community by teaching younger generations what my team and I have learnt. So, I decided to outgrow my coaching experience by volunteering to coach a different team each year. My latest coaching role was with a young Lebanese team called ‘’Gearaids’’ that participated in the Open European championship that was held at the UK at the university of Bath last July. The team ended up winning the first place in gracious professionalism.

I have been working on my self-development on different counts, but my main focus starting last year was empowering young women on enhancing theirs, and in becoming STEM leaders (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in the future, and this is the reason why I am writing on this blog today. I was surprised by how little the number of females was in international Tech events, and I was disappointed when I learned that only 19% of the people working in STEM fields are women. Thereby, as a young female, and an advocate for science, I am using this free space of writing as a tool, not to tell you about my own inspiring story with science, but to encourage all young females to create their own, because you could be the butterfly causing the difference in our Tech oriented world, and you could make the statistical change of women to men ratio in STEM fields, because 19% IS NOT ENOUGH.

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