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Science Ship: Defeat the Enemy by Science

2018-05-18 21:26:30
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Science Ship: Defeat the Enemy by Science

It is the story of Joy Planet, it is a peaceful planet where people are living together with love as the word actually means, they don’t hate. It is a major crime if you made someone unhappy in Joy Planet. As they are a peacefully people they don’t have an army or even have faced a war before. Until the day has come and Ego Planet army decided to conquer Joy Planet. Ego Planet’s people are as their planet name means, their ego led them to one goal which is Ego Planet Should Be the Only Planet in the galaxy. The initial round of war result a catastrophic destruction of Joy Planet. Joy Planet’s people don’t know how to fight back and they began to lose hope on saving their planet. Will that be the end of Joy Planet? What a catastrophic end of one-of-a-kind planet! In another parallel dimension there is another planet called Science Planet, this planet’s people are so smart they developed a way to be invisible to other planets and that saved them from Ego Planet mass planets destruction. Science Planet couldn’t stand and watch Joy Planet vanishing from the galaxy. They tried to use the same invisible technology on Joy Planet but sadly it didn't work. Will they give up? Absolutely not. They provided Joy Planet a space ship to fight the Ego Planet’s army. This ship operates only by science. Operate by Science? How? All weapons on this ship fires only when you answer a science question correctly, why is that? Science Planet’s designers designed it that way for safety and to make sure who trigger the weapon are mentally capable and responsible. And to make sure that Joy Planet’s people are ready and capable of going to the war, Science Planet’s designers made two extra rooms on the ship, one to educate Joy Planet’s people the necessary sciences to operate the ship and the other room to train on the weaponry system via simulations.


AR | VR | Sci-Fi | Space Shooter | Multiplayer | Edutainment Mobile Game targeting childrens aged  9 to 12 years


The game has 3 phases that can be in parallel or sequential, we will leave the choice to the player!

  1. Learning - Children will learn Mathematics and Science using AR and VR

  2. Training - Children will practice what they have learned in space shooter AR and VR Co-OP game

  3. Fighting - Children will compete against each other while playing space shooter AR and VR Multiplayer  game


For the full game design document, check website above or copy the link @

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