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From drawing astronauts to winning an award from NASA

From drawing astronauts to winning an award from NASA.


Astronomy has always been my path of choice to achieve my goal of being an inspiration, making a difference in people's lives, and being able to make what seems impossible into a reality.


From the age of 5, I would passionately draw astronauts and rockets knowing this was what I wanted to do in my life but living in a society that lacked knowledge about astronomy is challenging and depressing. I was criticised for my desire of getting into astronautics, but I was insistent and didn't quit it. Through all my hardwork, I made the first step towards my dream by winning a special award from NASA in Intel ISEF in May, 2017.


My journey started in the Little Genius Center TLG when I was 9, where I learnt to do fast mental math. Whenever people saw me calculating mentally faster than a calculator, they would be surprised! I learned to believe in my abilities and work hard to make the impossible possible. I started by winning the 1st place in TLG competition for beating accountants by solving an oral equation of 70 numbers mentally faster than them on their calculators.


I developed strength in both the left and right sides of my brain by learning to work with each hand separately on the abacus, and then imagining it and solving equations mentally. This strength in both sides of my brain and working with each of my hands separately helped me learn the piano. I later appeared on Al-Jazeera Channel when I was only 13 in an episode about my life in “This Is My Story”.


After graduating from TLG, I joined robotics clubs and participated in the FLL for 5 years as a team member and a team leader of 2 of theses teams winning many awards with my teams nationally and in Arabian championships. During these years, I continued to be criticised for my desire to study aerospace engineering though I excelled in mathematics and physics! This motivated me to design a satellite that captures space debris and disposes of it, participated in Intel ISEF in Pittsburgh as a world finalist in 2015, and got really popular on many international websites as the 15-year-old Jordanian who designed a satellite.


One day as I was reading “The Physics of Star Trek”, I had the idea for a way to transport materials fast to space colonies or from planets to Earth but I was told that this is science was fiction and faced  with lots of mathematical and physical problems. I was able to solve these problems rationally one by one, leading me to mathematically prove the concept of my project, Laser Shielding Odyssey; a novel method for confining matter transported at relativistic velocities in vacuum by a laser-tube, which may solve a problem of Stephen Hawking's "star-shot" initiative. Stephen Hawking, Mark Zuckerberg and Yuri Milner allocated 100 million dollars for the projects that solve problems of theirs. Moreover, I won the 3rd place in engineering in INSPO 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey.


I developed this project even further during “Tawjihi” and was able to prove my new theory not only mathematically, but also experimentally! So I participated with it in Intel ISEF 2017 in Los Angeles and won a special award from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, for their admiration of the project and the work I have done. I am still in contact with NASA and searching the possibility of doing my experiment in the International Space Station on Earth's orbit.


Consequently, I was able to prove to every Jordanian that Tawjihi isn't a barrier nor an obstacle for continuing research and achieving goals, because I achieved both of my goals during Tawjihi; getting a result higher than 90% (I got 91.5%) and winning an award from NASA.


Studying aerospace engineering in university will help me do further advanced-level research, develop my projects, and do more challenging projects, which I can turn into reality! It will enormously extend my knowledge in topics I am most passionate about. I believe that I have the creativity, and ambition necessary to innovate, combined with my artistic skills because I would never separate art from aerospace engineering.


I have also had valuable experiences with 3D modelling in 3Dmax, iClone, learnt some programming languages and got the ICDL certification. Furthermore, appearing in many TV programs, giving lectures to school and university students, being an inspirational speaker in many events and competitions, and singing in cultural events had sharpened my presentation skills. In addition, volunteering for orphans, seniors, and in competitions had improved my communication.


I want to be a part of the new technological developments that change the world, so I am looking forwards to the opportunities and challenges life will put me through, that will open the world to me during the journey of achieving my goals. I believe in myself and recommend everyone to believe in themselves and their abilities because if we don't believe in ourselves, no one ever will, and therefore we won't get anywhere. I want to be a role model for every Arab girl, and inspire the generation to chase their dreams no matter what they go through and regardless what the community is accustomed to.


We can make the change, we are the change!

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