"Women Empowerment" Cartoon Competition

“Women Empowerment” has become a significant topic of discussion in development and economics. Your aim is to highlight this important issue in a cartoon using either the topic of Child Marriage or Domestic Violence.

Women rights

2017-11-18 17:06:56
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Nataša Rašović was born in 1969 in Zagreb, where she in 1988. finished the School of Arts and Design. She exhibits practically all over the world at international  exhibitions (up to about 50 exhibitions) and wins prizes (8 awards), has a number of group exhibitions (19 exhibitions). In addition, she had three independent cartoons exhibitions: 2008. "I Was Smiling",  2015. "The Fish on the Dry", where the small strip called like the exhibition recalls the beginnings, and high school love of the comic strip, and in 2017 cartoon exhibition "We , you, they“ discuss the problem of refugees and their rights.


2017.- Honorary Award, BIH, Banja Luka, 9th International Cartoon Exhibition "Nosorog"

2014. Honorary Award, Croatia, 1st Zagreb Film Festival of the Political Caricature

2013.- Special praise, Croatia, 7th International Zagreb salon Huna

2012.- Second Prize, Serbia, Kruševac, 20th "Golden Helmet" festival

2010- Third Prize - Iran, Tabriz, 10th Tabriz International Cartoon Contest

2008- Special Award- Croatia, Solin

2005 - Third prize - Slovenia, Celje

2004- Honorary Award, China, Nanjin City

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