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Tours within historical Palestine

2017-04-06 06:34:08
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Working in cultural heritage preservation, I have been always taken by the beauty of architectural elements of traditional constructions. These buildings hold history, a story and beauty that was never repeated again. Refugees do not know more than the name of village they came from, old people who have the story are pretty old, Palestinians visiting the Israeli lands feel lost wondering the streets.

Recently I wrote a tourist guidebook about Bethlehem historical core linking it to Jerusalem telling the story that even locals don't know. My dream is to create routes within historical Palestine that reflects the Palestinian narrative; Routes of villagers before 1947, Christian pilgrimage, Islamic Pilgrimage reflecting what one can visit within cities enjoying a cultural, religious experience. I aim to revitalize the connection between Palestinians of the West Bank with Palestinians living in Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria not taking any consideration of the borders; relate Palestinian refugees with their villages they escaped from in 1948; provide more information about houses that still exists with no right for refugees to go back.  

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