Maysalward’s Edutainment Mobile Game Competition

Maysalward is a pioneer mobile game developing Studio searching for promising Game Designers! Participants are required to submit a Game Design Documentation for Designing an Edutainment Mobile Game for Kids in Refuges Camp.Age group 9-12

Mobile - Browser based 2D Strategy game.

2018-04-09 14:59:16
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The game will have a 2D modeled ecosystem and a timeline.

The goal of the game is to ensure that the living organism created by each user survives in this ecosystem, evolves rapidly, takes place at the top of the food primate, and increases the population of its creature.

At the beginning, the players will start by choosing simple primitive organisms. They will keep their creatures moving and feeding in the ecosystem.

The player's organism can feed on ready-made food, as well as eat the other player's organism. The adequately fed living organism will be able to divide and multiply and transfer its genetic trait to the next living thing. Each organism will have unlimited nutrition and fertility, but all of them will have a certain lifetime.

Abstract; choose the right creature, the player who carries his organism in the right place and feeds it in the fastest way will be successful in his game.

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