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Team & Skill Building for Refugee Children

2018-05-23 00:58:33
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The objective of this application is to help the children in camps create closer bonds while developing critical skills.

"Fun ways to teach children teamwork, leadership, communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills."


The application will contain a number of physical team games with step by step guides making it easy as possible

The application will also include the ability for the public to submit their ideas of team building games as a way to keep new games in the system & a way for people to give back to the children

Each game will require a facilitator which can be one of the children, volunteers or even parents - giving a futher chance to connect with the children in the camp



Team Game; Don't wake the Dragon

Players; Minimum 6

Time; 15 minutes

Materials; Space to play

How it helps; Encourages kids to use their imagination to solve an imaginary problem

How to play;

  • The kids have to pretend that they are all residents of a village captured by a dragon, which is currently sleeping.
  • The kids can cross the village in order of their height.
  • The challenge is that the kids have to arrange themselves according to their heights without talking to each other.
  • Once the kids think they are standing in the right order, they have to shout “Boo!” at the dragon and see if it works.

How to facilitate;

  • The team leader or facilitator can be the dragon and decides if the order is right and the children that can cross



Circle of Silence - Group of children make a circle with a tin can and one object inside the can (marble, stone etc). There is one child 'it' in the middle of the circle. The group has to pass the can around the circle without 'it' hearing it. 'It' has to guess where the can is by listening for the sound and pointing in the right direction. Everytime the direction is correct, 'it' swaps places.

Skills improved - Creative thinking, listening and interpersonal communication


Human Shapes - 2 teams have to come up with a six letter word for the other team. Each team has to spell the word out using their bodies. For each word correctly spelt, score will be added in the application. First team to score 3 words wins.

Skills improved - Innovation, intellect, collaboration


Hula Hoop - A circle of atleast 6 is formed with a hula hoop through one childs arm, each child holds hands and the goal is to move the hula hoop throughout the circle without disconnecting hands

Skills improved - coordinating, strategizing, and implementing skills

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