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Food for Free!

2017-11-15 08:50:04
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 I being fond of cooking from my childhood kept trying varities of cuisines from all over the world. I couldn't complete my systematic studies in hotel management due to some family reason back in days. But I was so much into learning cooking and wanted to start a big restaurant. But later while, changes in life happened which helped me to know that there many out there who are underprivilege to get food on daily basis. this sparked my mind and I started the campaign "BIG: Bit I Give" along with my friends and family. Now working as community leader and minister in the rural areas of the interior India, I just love to cook for all the people visiting our place on daily basis. For the time being and due to short of resources I am just focusing mainly upon the children coming from poorest of poor background by helping them with educating tours, meals and talents programs. I am sure, it is not big hotel or we don't have our staff, but all the food is prepared with love. BIG: Bit I Give works in a way that every family share a little BIT of their some food count and we collect it in BIG amount at the end of the day which help us cook for the people who are beggers, homeless or just a traveller. My idea is to organize this idea and make it a BIG channel through all small steps and little bit efforts of all of us. This Idea can really help change the lives of people. Earlier it was the idea now a reality of food for free and I am sure this can bring great impact in every social set up through out the world.

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