Obstacle Breakers

Lina Fayyad wants to hear your inspirational story! She wants to know what obstacles you overcame! The most inspirational story will win free personal trainer sessions for a month from Lina personally!


2017-09-11 20:42:42
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Your recommendations are pessimistic and come up as a reaction to your agony; it is almost a reaction to your suffering. Remember that you started your story by narrating your sacrifice? Has your ex-husband ever realized what you did to him? Life is beautiful and full of trust, hopes and dreames. Helping you to overcome your suffering is to leave small space in your mind to other opinions: you told your story but your ex-husband did'nt? what if you listened to his own version of your broken marriage? Listen to your voice as well as to the others! If you do then you may find that victimizing yourself is not helpful to you at all. If you carry part of the responsibility then this would help a lot to stand tall on your own feet... Remember that doing good things should start by expecting no rewards; do it for the sake of goodness:

 من يصنع الخير لا يعدم جوازيه       لا يذهب العرف بين الله والناس    (زهير بن أبي سلمى) 


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