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Orient Spirit Development is a vocational training center for special needs. We are currently looking for a new idea to teach our students at our center! Do you have any great ideas for us? Tell us your idea for a chance to win $700!


2017-06-25 18:42:22
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The idea is to teach children (special need ) programming and design together On 3 level for a full year The first level .. * Each week have 5 days (Duration of 3 months and a week) Child education on design programs (Month and half ) Photoshop (Month and half ) illustrator (Week) delivery and discussion of Project 1 using the two programs) If the student succeeds, he can skip to the next level The second Level Duration of Two months and a week. * Each week only three days (Two weeks) teaching the child how to study projects and writing a proposal ( a month and a half ) How to Write a Documentation Project (Week) delivery and discussion of Project 2 student succeeds, he can skip to the next level The third Level duration of 5 months and a week * Each week 5 days (2 months) Intensive instruction for children on the Java language with periodic exams (3 months) Intensive instruction for children to create mobile applications ( Android and IOS) Using their own design and who taught it at the first level (two week) Children worked in their project The child succeeds and obtains a certificate of graduation from the program progdes when handing over a graduation project and discussed it provided that includes all what he learned in the previous levels (Two weeks) Discussing the committee and issuing the final mark and honoring the first winning stages {An optional month} #for free teach children about the following topics (headline) * Each week only two days 1- Photography in general (week) 2- Photography 360 (week) 3-Video 360 (week) 4-Virtual World 3D 5- Games Programming{unity 3 d} (week) In the case of the child's enjoyment of the previous subjects is attached to the other course and its name (Photochild) And teaching children the above topics in detail The children can collect money by sold his own applecation

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