Daleelak App Logo Design

Daleelak is a mobile application used to connect freelance labor with local demand. Through the app you can find instant help with daily tasks, such as cleaning and running errands.


A Logo for the Daleelak app with a simple concept that is all about the connections with others through the app. As you can see there are three symbols mixed with each other to create a concept, the translation of the word Daleelak is (Your Guide) and that is the main concept of the logo and for the connections is that the circles symbolize the people and the lines symbolize the connections between people, Then the letter D is used for the outline of the logo. About the Colors, they are picked randomly and organized properly for the eye the meaining is that there are many things that can help and guide you inside the app.

What is Working Dreamers?

A competition-based online platform that empowers companies and individuals by giving them the opportunity to work together to find the best ideas for the projects. It operates via a voting system that filters the ideas and allows the project’s pre-set jury to select the winner.

How can I participate?

Select Add Idea, enter all the information required, then submit the form. We look forward to knowing your idea!

What is the deadline?

Deadline is in 0 minutes. That’s the last day you can submit or edit your idea.

What can I gain?

You can win the bounty provided by the project manager in the amount of 300 USD. The exposure and credit for having the winning idea. Honest feedback on your idea so that you can work to enhance, learn and come up with new ideas!