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The Power of I can

2017-03-27 15:44:59
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When I was in the seventh grade my father took me  to work with him one day. On this particular day the students were participating in a First Lego League robotics (FLL) competition that my father thought I might like to watch.

I was mesmerized watching the robots work their way through different challenges on the large game boards. “I fell in love instantly,”. I knew it was the only thing I wanted to do and I knew I had the capability to do it.

The equipment and registration fees for the competition could easily run over a thousand dollars and my governmental school couldn’t compete with the offerings of the private school.

I spent the next two years collecting and saving money. As a new FLL season approached, I  found myself six hundred dollars short, so I arranged a meeting with the supervisor of the National Educational Center for Robotics. After a long talk, an impressed supervisor let Me take the robotics kit home.  So I could start working, but I  had to commit to coming up with the remaining money by the day of the competition.

I taught myself  programming through YouTube videos and tutorials. my chemistry teacher agreed to be my coach and the religion teacher became  my mentor. None of the students at my all-girls school wanted to join my team, though. The school didn’t allow me to stay after classes.

Two weeks before the competition, the NECR supervisor asked to meet with me again. I didn’t have the money, and I was very nervous to meet with him. Instead he had a surprise for me – they were relieving me of my debt.  “It is a gift we are giving to a hard worker, stubborn, talented girl,” .

I didn’t win any awards but I felt I was on the right track. I continued to participate in FLL for two more years, and then, as a judge in this competition I  had the chance to attend the World Ceremony in St. Louis in 2015.

I started creating opportunities. “I didn’t blame my family, our financial situation, or the awareness level the society has about letting girls continue studying and work and travel,”


I become an active member of IEEE and to interview with Microsoft at their Innovation Center in Jordan. I was offered a Microsoft internship in Germany. But I almost didn’t go. “I went to my father and I told him that I want to travel to Europe and he said, ‘No dear you won't. None of our girls travel outside and you also want to travel alone. That’s a dream.’ I tried my best to convince him but he kept saying no,”.

Undeterred, I came up with a solution. I secured funding for my father to travel along with me as my chaperone and my father borrowed the rest . “After that,” “my father felt that he could give me more trust and he is ready now to fight the society to help his daughter in her future.”

Since then, the world has opened up to me. With my father’s blessing, I attended the FLL Competition in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2015, the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, and the WIE ILC 2016 in San Jose.

This experience so inspired me that I came home determined to inspire more girls and young women within her local society in Jordan to follow in her same footsteps.

It didn’t take long for me to get to work. I co-organized the first IEEE Grand Tech conference in Jordan. This conference brought together 200 students from all areas of post-secondary education interested in computer science and mobile applications.

Today I'm  the WIE newsletter reporter for Region 8 and the WIE Chair at her university. My mission, is “to urge all women in Jordan engineering communities to fight for their abilities to shine and improve the Jordan Women in Engineering group.”

I successfully implemented many new programs. I organized an event that introduced successful women in the Middle East under the theme “I have the right to dream and achieve.” This event included some fruitful discussions with men about how they could best support their sisters and wives in engineering. I started an initiative to improve volunteerism in Jordan. I began outreach programs in local schools, teaching students, taking the time to address global problems and brainstorming solutions.  also gave young students from the ages of eleven to sixteen the opportunity to meet young inventors, talk with them about their inventions, and try to find solutions for big problems like global warming, alternative energy sources, water, and health. “The aim of this initiative is to create a new generation with big minds aiming to create new ways to improve the human lives,” .


I  spent time teaching programming skills to children at refugee camps, and now I'm trying to give students from my school the opportunities to learn programming through free programs. "I am a strong believer in charitable work and volunteerism. “I think our role in society goes far beyond academic involvement. Public service and giving back to my community was the driving force behind my effort to start the "My Right to Dream Foundation,” which aims to reinforce the idea and meaning of having a dream and being able to realize it for kids and young adults in the underprivileged areas of Jordan.

For all of my hard work, I was a nominee for "Young Woman of the Year Award 2016," a category in the Arab Women of the Year Awards. This prestigious global celebration of achievement and excellence for Arab women was held in London in December 2016.

I was selected to be the youth delegate from Jordan in the Youth Human Rights Summit held in the United Nations. I'm  preparing myself to be an ambassador for human rights and hope to intern in the United Nations Headquarters.

"This is what I want to do for living, and I believe it is achievable. In order to fulfill my dream, I want to represent women under the ‘ambassador’ title. 

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