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Aisha' Dream

2017-09-06 07:51:11
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Hope this finds you well. 


First of all, thank you for giving this opportunity , and I would like to start my proposal by something our Prophet Mohammad Peace be upon him once  said : 


• إدا مات الإنسان إنقطع عمله إلا من ثلاث: صدقة جارية ، علم ينتفع به أو ولد صالح يدعو له. 

• ما نقصت صدقة من مال، وما زاد الله عبداً بعفو الا عزاً، و ما تواضع أحد لله إلا رفعه الله.



Secondly, my name is Aisha Almatarneh a 29 year old ambitious passionate girl whose been through so many ups and down , struggles and crises, but with all that nothing stopped me in  becoming who I am right now. A little girl who was in an orphanage due to family crises . Getting married in such a young age and got divorced never stopped me forseeking for the education I’ve always wanted and dreamt for. The motivation I carry in me is huge. Reaching my goal was not an issue at all, due to God sending me people that were like a family to me and helped and supported me all the way through my studies and then got my BA in Psychology . 


After reaching my goal and dream by getting my degree, the power in me said I need more, I need to get more educated and I’m not going to stop here. I tried to reach those dream so hard by applying for scholarships, but never was able to make it due to not being super fluent in English and not close to being qualified because they have got certain standards that they look at. Never the less I want to become better I want to improve myself I want to expand my educational Knowledge .


Beside the above mentioned, I had worked , healed, interacted and volunteered with orphanages and underprivileged kids and Syrian refuges that just needed psychosocial support. I am very keen and with high  self stem due to achieving professional help to others due the experience I’ve been through as a child. I want to be able to spread love, kindness and support to those who are missing it in their lives, it’s more humanitarian than something ordinary that we do in daily bases, I just want to draw smiles on poor innocent  people’s faces because they deserve to live happy just like any one of us.


After taking my BA, I’m dreaming for my second degree which is Masters in MS, Criminal Justice and criminology . It’s a dream come true, I’m trying so hard to achieve this, but unfortunately I cannot afford the expenses for this Major. The abroad university that I contacted in USA “ University of Massachusetts Lowell” said they will accept me without the GRE, and I have to work a little bit on my English language. The first semester will be concentrated on English language and the second I will start my Master Degree. The following year of my studies, Inshallah I will get good grades to gain another scholarship. 


In order to start with them, I have to provide them with a Bank Statement or a Sponsor Letter. The first year will cost me around 35 Thousand dollars, and for certification purposes, I will provide you with all the required documents and papers. 


Ps : incase to any rejection all the money expenses will be refundable, and will do anything that it takes to show the honesty and responsibility upon your expenses.


With all my heart I wish you would take this in consideration and make me fulfil my dream, it’s all I can ever ask for, education is my weapon to success.


Thank you for giving this your time, and looking forward to hearing from you real soon.



Best Regards,





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