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A 14 years old Gamemaker and Entrepreneur

Hello World,  That was the first line of code I have ever written. My name is Mohammed Halimy, a 14 years old Palestinian, Gamemaker and entrepreneur, and here is my story, I was born on 2003 in Gaza city, Growing up I’d often been interested in playing games. and I always had the thought of I want to make my own game. But once I had a pc, my curiosity Ied me to start searching videos on YouTube and learning about game making and entrepreneurship.

I was only 10, but I loved making stuff. From the first day I have started making games, no doubt I was thoroughly unqualified to learn, but still able to pass on what I had picked up so far. Today, not much has changed, I’m still learning and finding game making and entrepreneurship interesting every day.

I am native in a dozen of programming languages such as C#, JavaScript, and Python. These were the only tools that made it possible for me to make a couple of games and get some awards and notoriety in the community. 6 months ago, I have started my own business "PicLancers" which is an online photographer ordering platform dedicated for Gaza market. That was my fourth experience in starting a start-up company, I have found other startups before with help of local and international startup accelerators. And one month ago, I got my invitation to join one of the top startup's accelerators in Germany which I obviously was not able to make it due to the current traveling issues in Gaza.

1 year ago, I had the pleasure to meet a very special person named "Khaled al Ahmed"  He is an activist in the social media community, and through his network, he helped me get a mac device so I can improve my work. My main goals now are taking my work to the next level by studying animation at the university and be able to attend all events and opportunities I get outside of Palestine. 

The Game development industry in the Arab world is huge when it comes to the demand, but there is no much of game studios or people taking advantage of that, I've decided to do.  To sums up I would love to finish by saying one thing: 


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