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Maysalward is a pioneer mobile game developing Studio searching for promising Game Designers! Participants are required to submit a Game Design Documentation for Designing an Edutainment Mobile Game for Kids in Refuges Camp.Age group 9-12

Future of Youth

2018-05-20 15:27:24
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The future of youth is a game divided into two parts will be special boys and will be a game of war against monsters at the end of each stage after the collection of treasures and when you fight monsters can strike deadly when you answer the questions box next to the monster and when you kill you will get new weapons and treasures increase the number of private life There is a castle for each player and can be renewed and buy weapons, clothes and other things But each player must be warned that there is a map in the game to determine your place and the place of the other players so it is the protection of his castle, the second part of the girls will be a competition between 3 people and the player gets points after winning and each player a home can buy clothes and makeup and other things from him and in that house can To cook, but in each of the two parts of the game when the player loses his points And the difficulty of each stage from the other as well as questions and in the second part of the girls evaluation of the competition not only on the fashion, but the answer to the player questions to him and in both parts of the game after skip level 15 will get the egg egg is a small dragon in the game of war and a small rabbit in the game of fashion The object helps inside the egg after being cared for until it hatchs to answer the questions inside the game and you can before Start Choosing the field of questions You can choose chemistry, physics, math, languages, biology, geology and sports. You can choose different questions in all fields and you can get the information that might benefit you in your studies and your life.

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