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Lina Fayyad wants to hear your inspirational story! She wants to know what obstacles you overcame! The most inspirational story will win free personal trainer sessions for a month from Lina personally!

This is me

2017-08-29 14:45:48
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At first I had a week body but as I worked and didn't give up I became a strong  overtaking girl.. Hi my name is Farah Arabi, i am 12 years old and I absolutely love working out and dancing. Sooo. Let me tell you a little bit about myself... I was born in America and raised there for 11 years of my precious life, I was always a overweight girl ever since I got into kindergarten and never cared until I turned about 9 I started getting the feeling that it is time to start a new lifestyle with my eating and movement. So that year I joined a gym called the YMCA in Florence,Kentucky where I lived, I used to go workout there about 4-5 times a week with my parents, but I never got results till I started a program called "Fun to be Fit" there where my cousin and friends joined in with me so we can encourage each other. That's when I got results... that time I lost about  2 pounds a week with my diet that I was on eating salad and chicken and eggs as my main meals. And after that the activity ended i gained back all the weight I lost having no control and not knowing what is happening to my body. After I moved here about a year ago and signed up in a gym called dynamic gym where I work on the machines 5 days a week and burned about 400 calories in 45 minutes. But this time I still am not getting results so I thought  that since I like hip hop and dancing I could try it! I hope I persuaded u to give me free classes of whatever (doesn't matter).  

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