"Women Empowerment" Cartoon Competition

“Women Empowerment” has become a significant topic of discussion in development and economics. Your aim is to highlight this important issue in a cartoon using either the topic of Child Marriage or Domestic Violence.

Winning Idea

As part of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign, The United Nations Population Fund Jordan (UNFPA), collaborated with Seven Circles and cartoonist Omar Al Abdallat to bring the 'Women Empowerment' Cartoon Competition to Working Dreamers.

"To mark the campaign this year, we wanted to find an innovative way to shed light on gender-based violence," said Laila Baker, UNFPA Jordan Representative. "We think cartoons can provide a fresh take on a subject matter that is often times not easy to explore."

There were two winners for this competition:

1. Underage by Alaa Rustum won based on highest number of votes.
2. Marriage of Minors by Doaa El Adl won based on jury choice.

Winners received $500 each by the Landmark Amman Hotel.


إغتصاب الطفولة تحت مسمى " الزواج " 

Popular Ideas

Going shopping

Girls are not things that can be bought and sold.


العنف الجنسي والإكراه...

Me Too

Women speak out against sexual harassment

Empowerment: Having control over your acts

Empowerment: Having control over your acts.. 

زواج القاصرات

زواج القاصرات خطر يهدد مجتمعاتنا..

زواج الاطفال (Child Marriage )

قرار واحد قادر على قتل مرحلة عمرية لم تكتمل ، لا تكونوا سبب في ارتكاب جريمة بحق ابناءكم.

تمدش (Do not Raise your hand!)

Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior which involves violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting. Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone, yet the problem is often overlooked, excused, or...


Strong Girls, A Strong World!! Freedom for the girls!

واقع شرقي

حقيقة ...وزيادة

زواج القاصرات early marage

رسوم كاريكاتير عن زواج القاصرات

Strong enough

I strongly believe that women are already strong. They have the power to do whatever they want.  In this project I see woman who’s been subjected to different kinds of violence, struggles and challenges. The woman I see isn’t som...

Domestic violence hurts women

Domestic violence seriously hurts women. it hurts the body, it hurts the mind, it hurts the soul. Artwork and Idea by Liu Qiang.

العنف ضد المرأة

تعامل الزوج مع زوجته وأولاده بطريقة تخلو من العاطفة والمحبة تعود عليه وعلى أسرته بعوائد سلبية وسيئة

قتل الفراشات

هي رحلة تدمير عالم مليء بالألوان والخيال والجمال عبر زواج القاصرات  ليتبقى لها  قلب مذبوح في جسد مقتول   

exploitation of women

 It is an issue of exploitation of women and the physical, sexual and psychological abuse of women.

Escape from burqa

The condition of women in some countries is like a prison from which it is right to escape.

امرأه من طراز خاص

لقد رسمتها بقلم الجاف… مضمونها ان المرأه هي اساس هذا الكون كله و ان الحياه لايمكن ان تستمر بدونها او بدون جهدها فهي مرتكزه و موجوده في كل محاور الحياه وهذا ما يجعلها المخلوق الاقوى والاهم I drew it by dry pen ... The fact that women are the basis of this ...


الشرح يفسد العمل.

Stop Violence Against Women

Be a men and respect women!

Liberty and violence

Best regards, Darko Drljevic, Montenegro

Violence against women

  Violence against Women refers tô all individual or collective violent behavior based exclusively on a gender issue

Children are not brides

15 million girls marry before the age of 18 each year. Child marriage violates children's rights. Say no to child marriage.

All in one guru

Religious male chauvinism incarnated in a single “ all in one” guru.

ومن أثر للعنف يولد أثارجديدة

العنف الاسري ظاهرة خطيرة وذا إنتشار كبير بين المجتمعات وبالاخص مجتمعات الغير مدركة لخطورته ، وأثارة السلبية على الجو العام للأسرة.

child marriage, destroying inocence

There is no excuse (even if it is cultural or religious) for destroying inocence.

"Women Empowerment" Cartoon Competition


  • Theme: “Women Empowerment” had become a significant topic of discussion in development and economics. Your aim is to highlight this important issue in a cartoon using one of the following topics:  

    • Child Marriage

    • Domestic Violence  

  • Participation: Anyone aged 18 and over can participate in this international contest. Participants declare that they agree with the terms and conditions of the contest, the rules, and the jury’s decisions. Participation is free.  

  • Each participant can submit more than one cartoon (colour or black and white). All graphic techniques are allowed (Digital work and Free hand drawings). We prefer that participants scan freehand drawn work so that it can be uploaded in sufficiently high quality. All cartoons are allowed even they have been published or exhibited in the past - but didn’t win any prize or competition before.  

  • We will have 2 prizes, one for artistic value and the other for the voting count  

  • A prize of $500 for each winner.

  • Cartoon must be in JPEG, GIF or PNG formats, at least 1,000 pixels in width and an image quality over 200 DPI    

  • By submitting an entry, participants give the organisers the right to use their entries to promote the cartoon competition (i.e. the catalogue, publicity in the press and on other media, posters, etc.).  

  • Entrants remain responsible for the originality of their works. Discussions and possible claims related to any form of plagiarism are at the entrant’s expense. If plagiarism is discovered after the prizes have been awarded, the jury can deliberate and decide to revoke the prize.

For Arabic please see: http://bit.ly/WomenEmpCompetition


Category: Art

Cash Prize: $1000

Project is closed

2017-10-22 09:54:38

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