"Children And War" Cartoon Competition الأطفال والحرب مسابقة كاريكاتير

Every day as a result of conflict, thousands of civilians are killed or injured. More than half of these victims are children. A child is particularly vulnerable to the ravages of war. Your aim is to highlight this important issue in a cartoon.

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Children and images of war in the media »

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Children and images of war in the media

 تأثير الصور والفديوات العنيفة على سلوك الطفل 

Popular Ideas

Might As Well Be

Children learn what they are taught. Thank you, UN.

ضحايا الحروب

اخر لوحة رسمتها بالفترة الماضية بتعكس معاناة اطفال الحروب الي صحيوا على هاي الدنيا و ما الهم اي ذنب بالي بعيشوه حاليا  و صورنا الرسمة كاملة time lapse و هي اللينك تاعها https://youtu.be/sKm93bxxg7U  الالون المستخدمة سوفت باستيل و فحم ...


This is my small tribute to all children who live in a terrible situation of war in their own countries, where their innocence ends to start a heroic faith for survival.

اسطورة السذاجة

لوحة زيتية تحكي قصة حلم طفل ساذج  حيث تدور احداص الحلم بتضحم الطفل لدرجة العملقة ثم يبدا بربط قطع جدار الفصل العنصري المقاب في فلسطين من قبل الاحتلال الاسرائيلي ببالونات ثم تبدأ اجزاء الجدا بالتطاير. هنا نرى السذاجة تتحول الى اسطورة وهي صورة...

"ستبقى أحلامي وأنتْ سترحل"

- سترحل الأوجاع وسترحل كل المآسي وستظل أحلامي مُتوردةً مهما حصل و يحصل و سيحصل ، صامدةٌ هي أحلامي وراحلٌ أنت وعذابك.

أطفال الحرب

تسليط الضوء على الأطفال الذين يتم اجبارهم على حمل السلاح في مناطق النزاع المختلفة بالعالم ، وحقهم بالتعلم و السير نحو اخلامهم 

صرخه الحرب

بدأ الأمر بصرخة أمي .. ثم أخذنا أبي لنسير في الشارع المعتم حتى نذهب إلى المكان الأكثر امانًا ..إجتاح الملثمون الشارع و بدأوا بإطلاق الرصاص .. أطلق ذلك الملثم سبع رصاصات لا زلت اسمع أزيزها، لم تحزني سوى رصاصة واحدة إخترقت سور المنزل و صدر أمي ..  تس...

"Letter from abroad"

I'm afraid that the militairy interference of the countries abroad are not helping to solve the complex problems of the wars around the world. However, the common people and especcialy the children who are victims need our support, motivation a...

War kills 1

Middle EAST is burning all the time. This is a messy, cruel war where neither side has much regard for civilian casualties, in Syria, in Iraq, in Lebanon, etc. There are a lot of people died and a solution for peace ...

I am a child despite all what happens!

This drawing was drawn by me this morning after seeing catastrophes happening in Yemen kiiling everywhere and I have been to Yemen for three months to photograph some scenes in the war.... HELP CHILDREN  OF YEMEN

لا قيمة للاطفال في الفكر الارهابي الغاية تبرر الوسيلة

وثقت المنظمات العالمية المعنية بحقوق الطفولة ان الارهاب لا يتورع في استخدام الاطفال كدروع بشرية ومجندون بالاكراه لخوض حروب عبثية لا شأن للاطفال فيها 

Seeds of Peace

Seeds of peace in the hands of the children

Save children war

Children of Syria, The most innocent victims of war, one of the symbols of the cruelty of the Syrian war against children, after a bombing of Russian airplanes to the city of Aleppo. Save The Children, 7.5 million children were affected by the war....


side effects or intended victims? Shame!

Peace and war

Children dont se a deriosity of war

! الطفولة..و غذاء الحرب

ما اقسى ان تتغذى الطفولة على غذاء الحرب بدلا من ثقافة الحب والجمال والحياة والتسامح

Derkaoui Abdellah (II)

Omar Abdallat's cartoon competition "Children and War." 


About the parents' attention to danger to the child

Baby boom

During a war, children are still being born under bombings, it is a reality, of children born "without a country" because most babies born in refugee camps are not registered.

Kids and War

كل طفل يحتاج الى حياة هادئة بعيدة عن المشاكل , يحتاج الى العابه والى ابويه .  

The End of a Beginning

The cartoon symbolises the life of unfortunate children compared to a new born cute chicken

Lost Generation

My drawing reflects the everyday conflict children are facing in war, losing their family and homes and being denied the basic rights of a child such as protection and education while they strive to survive these are the children of the lost generation ...

The report. Unicef: the Mediterranean fatal course for children

The report. Unicef: the Mediterranean fatal course for children

children and war

Palestine children

Children and War: Past and present


Watching the world passing by

When every day hundreds of children are the real victims of this war, the world is just sitting and watching...

"Children And War" Cartoon Competition الأطفال والحرب مسابقة كاريكاتير

Competition Terms and Conditions:

  • Theme: “Children and War”, Every day as a result of conflict, thousands of civilians are killed or injured. More than half of these victims are children. A child is particularly vulnerable to the ravages of war. Your aim is to highlight this important issue in a cartoon.

  • Participation Anyone aged 18 and over can participate in this international contest. Participants declare that they agree with the terms and conditions of the contest, the rules, and the jury’s decisions. Participation is free. 

  • Each participant can submit one cartoon (colour or black and white). All graphic techniques are allowed (Digital work and Free hand drawings) . We prefer that participants scan freehand drawn work so that it can be uploaded in sufficiently high quality. All cartoons are allowed even it have been published or exhibited in the past but didn’t won any prize or competition before.

  • Cartoon must be in JPEG, GIF or PNG formats, at least 1,000 pixels in width and an image quality over 200 DPI  

  • By submitting an entry, participants give the organisers the right to use their entries to promote the cartoon competition (i.e. the catalogue, publicity in the press and on other media, posters, etc.).

  • Entrants remain responsible for the originality of their works. Discussions and possible claims related to any form of plagiarism are at the entrant’s expense. If plagiarism is discovered after the prizes have been awarded, the jury can deliberate and decide to revoke the prize.

For Arabic please see http://bit.ly/ChildrenandWarAr للمزيد من المعلومات باللغة العربية  


Category: Art

Cash Prize: $500

Project is closed

2017-02-21 07:24:25

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