The Best Wanderlust Photo Competition

Calling all photographers! Gather all your awesomely inspiring snaps & photographs of a lovely experience you’ve witnessed or just enjoyed with a couple of friends while traveling & win amazing prizes.

Winning Idea

There were two winners for this competition:

1st Place Winner
#AmmanCitadel by Jeres H Al Namat.

Runner Up
The meeting across the ocean by Tamara Alwash.

Second Runner Up
Clouds of Harmony by Abdulrahman Alazawi.


The Amman Citadel is a historical site at the center of downtown Amman, Jordan. Known in Arabic as Jabal al-Qal'a, the L-shaped hill is one of the seven jabals that originally made up Amman. Evidence of occupation since the pottery Neolithic period ...

Latest Ideas

Wadi Rum, jordan

The desert of Wadi Rum in Jordan, to demonstrate the beauty of Jordan in a different way

الجمال يكمن في الطبيعة

اذا اردت رؤية الجمال فذهب في رحلة خالية من الأضواء واستمتع بضوء السماء اللذي يتدرج ليضيف أجمل الألوان للحياة

عربة حمار أم دراجة.. (Donkey cart or bike)

عربة حمار أم دراجة.. الخياران الوحيدان في العصر الواحد والعشرين المتوفران في بقعة من هذا العالم تسمى مخيم الزعتري.. وسيلة التنقل و الرفاهية المتوفرة ل 60 ألف لاجئ سوري.. تأمن لهم الدراجة التنقل و توفير وقتهم و سهولة السير في طرقات تعجز الأقدام عن عبورها...


AKCHOUR in Tangier , Morocco .


It was a beautful trip with childhood friends and we agreed that we would travel to lebanonin the winter season until we return to our childhood and play with snow it was the sweetesttrip i ever had with myy friends

View of Karak Castle

 Karak is one of the archaeological sites in Karak and has a wonderful view of the villages of Karak built by the Crusaders and the restoration of Salah al-Din and located at an altitude of 1000 meters from the sea and t...


A moment of serenity spent on the river Nile in Aswan - Egypt November 2018

We All Belong to one HUMAN RACE

I took this picture at Philadelphia "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" during my participation in the International Visitor Leadership program "NGO MANAGEMENT" through the US Embassy in Jordan. We were 27 Nationalities attending this program, each one of us workin...

Building my own Empire!

In this world we keep searching for happiness in the outside. Never thought happiness within me and in the moment!

Heart shaped wish

In Istanbul, I got lost with my husband in a timeless alley where we chose to check a roof top café ..  Inside it felt like this was our house and nobody was there, apparently you have to pass by 2 floors of lobbies and beautiful...

All Good Things are Wild and Free

Photo taken at Ajloun Forest Reserve, during summer season setting in one of amazing sites in Jordan and experience the night in wild and nature. Healthy, and most important thing is to go wild.

The meeting across the ocean

Photo taken by my phone in: Turkey During this period of time I was preparing for my wedding party. My meeting point with me and my Fiance, where I knew he would be somewhere on the other side of the ocean. This destination is New Zealand. A place with li...

barage bin alwidan\ بحيرة بين الويدان المغرب

هذه البحيرة تقع في مدينة أزيلال 

Sunset on the Sea

It was golden hour while i was trying to take sunset photos of the Aqaba beach when this seagul was in the came into view to fit perfectly in the horizon. 

Clouds of Harmony

I took this lovely shot In the beautiful Italy. On my way to Rome I came a cross this beautiful place and I had the best pizza in my life! can’t remember the name of that Amazing place.

مصر ليست دوله تاريخية .. مصر جاءت أولاً ثم جاء التاريخ» ✍

مصر _شرم الشيخ تم التقاطها بواسطة الهاتف المحمول بدون اي فلتر أو إضافات

تونس الخضراء

طبيعتها حلوة بكل معنى الكلمة .. ثقافة غريبة .. لهجة جميلة .. تركت طابع مميز في ذهني

Mahmoud Darwich سجِّل! أنا عربي

I was walking through the old streets of Down Town Amman as I crossed by this amazing portrait graffiti of Mahmoud Darwich   أنا عربي it captured my eye as I stood there and glazed at it and it gave me the feeling ...

When Power Meets Fragility

When I first saw this mountain in Meteora-Greece, I realized how small our problems are in front of this powerful creation!


قطرة فوق قطرة بحر.. وحكمة فوق حكمة علم.

Port of Aqaba Here you find love and comfort with your partner

If you want to enjoy your time, visit Aqaba and find everything beautiful

Experiences change your view on things...literally.

Experiences change your view on things...literally. Budapest, Hungary.


The Amman Citadel is a historical site at the center of downtown Amman, Jordan. Known in Arabic as Jabal al-Qal'a, the L-shaped hill is one of the seven jabals that originally made up Amman. Evidence of occupation since the pottery Neolithic period ...

Roman civilization

The city of Jerash speaks of the greatness and strength of our Roman ancestors, the greatness of their sons and their strength, and how they were built.

While in Seychelles

A well needed rest after finishing the wonderful Copolia trail. Seychelles is a heaven on earth, a perfect destination for a family holiday, I've been there once and definetly be there again.

Where the mountain meets the sea...

Victoria, Seychelles, one of the most beautiful destination I've ever been.

The golden sunset

A golden sunset from the lowest point on earth. The dead sea is one of my best destinations i've ever had in Jordan, it has a great salt formations, and great compositions, a place that you can find your soul within peace.

Our beloved Jordan and Palestine

Hurts to sit and see that just a border prevents you from going into such a fascinating neighbor land, with which you share history, brotherhood , blood , culture and hearts....  #jordan #palestine #Umqais #Irbid #jordan_riv...

BCN’s warmth

Barcelona is one of the top European cities that’ll make you feel warm and alive. Sure, La Sagrada Familia along with all of Gaudí’s architecture is mesmerizing but you’ll only feel the true passion and sophistication when ...

Japanese Noodles Masters

This was taken in one of Tokyo's food street food shps in Ginza.

The Best Wanderlust Photo Competition


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Friendture - a central hub for finding genuine local experiences - is looking for a photograph or a snap that shows a pleasant experience, solo or with a group, while traveling locally or around the world.     Friendture in collaboration with Working Dreamers have started this competition to remind people to invest time for fun stuff like: traveling, exploring, discovering, and experiencing something new. So If you have what it takes and think that your talent can inspire people to invest the time in fun, then go ahead and share your best photo today and win with us.



1 or 2  winners will be selected to win prizes brought to you by Working Dreamers, Friendture, Dead Sea Spa and Canon.                      



1- Canon

     - Discounted vouchers

     - Exposure for winners, Friendture and Working Dreamers on Canon's social media platforms

     - One-on-one professional DSLR training sessions for the winners

2- Dead Sea Spa

     - A Day Pass ticket for - 2 people 

     - An overnight with B&B ticket - for 2 people 

3- Friendture:

     - USD 100                                               



  • Participants must be living in Jordan.

  • Participants declare that they agree with the terms and conditions of the contest, the rules, and the jury’s decisions through their participation.

  • Participation is free.

  • Each participant can submit one photograph each.


By submitting an entry, participants give the organisers the right to use their entries to promote the competition and usage of the photos in their mobile app and website. (i.e. the catalogue, publicity in the press and on other media, posters, etc.).



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2018-11-29 16:08:36

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