Everyday, we go through experiences that affect our lives, which can either bring us down or make us stronger. Share your story with us. Tell us how you climbed your own mountain to inspire other women to do the same. We aim at empowerment and inspiration!

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Singing my passion

Nancy Petro Jordanian Singer ... Follow me on ... Youtube : Nancy Petro Facebook : Nancy Petro Instagram : Nancy Petro

Orient Spirit Develop

Falasteen Awad shares her brilliant story about working as a manager with children with special needs and disabilities at Orient Spirit Development. 

Tours within historical Palestine

Working in cultural heritage preservation, I have been always taken by the beauty of architectural elements of traditional constructions. These buildings hold history, a story and beauty that was never repeated again. Refugees do not know more than...

Mahnoor Saghir's story

Hi everyone! My name is Mahnoor Saghir! I hope you're all having a beautiful day :) So here's my story: About 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with a condition called Dermatomyositis. This is an autoimmune disorder, and it attacks the muscles. I cou...

The Power of I can

When I was in the seventh grade my father took me  to work with him one day. On this particular day the students were participating in a First Lego League robotics (FLL) competition that my father thought I might like to watch. I was mesmeri...

Single mom

Hi! my name is Angelica Eramis. I live in Philippines but now I'm working in Jordan as a housekeeper. I have a son named Gino Andre. He is my second son and he's living with my mother and with my two brothers. The most difficult moment happened in my life...

Marian Loukasha's Story

Baking For Hope     Nothing is more traumatic than losing a child yet when life tests us with such a burden beyond words, something beautiful must come at the end of that road. Baking is one of my passions!! ...


My name is Annalyn and this is my story. I’m a single mom from Davao, Philippines. How do I start this? It’s not easy to share your story and tell people your hardest moment. I didn’t think I was going to raise my son alone. I was 26 when I was pregnant an...

From hurt to numbness to determination

Getting up after a miserable union can lead to 2 choices. Could be like Robert Frost's poem "The Road not Taken." I took the one which was not green but full of challenges. Overcame them with hard work, diligence and strong faith in God. He helped me fight...

A beacon of light

Asma Munir Salman believes that education knows no gender and is out to revolutionize the current education system. She is also the founder of APNA DIYA* Shelter Home & Learning Centre that imparts crucial life skills to girls, free of cha...

Optimism Through Trying Times

Rihan shares her story of coming to Jordan as a Syrian refugee and starting a completely new and different life while simultaneously having to care for her son, Khalil, who has cerebral palsy. She shares how with her unshaken belief, her life is slowly ...

Amal - Hope

Amal shares her story of dealing with the loss of her husband and being a single mother to 5 children. Thank you, Dala Saoudi for helping with the collection of these videos from Husn Refugee Camp.

Life After Loss

Ola shares the story of losing her son to cancer and how she had to remain strong for her sick child and her other children. She shares her emotional struggle with the tragic loss of her son, how it taught her to be more appreciative, and consider her l...

Living With Multiple Sclerosis

Rania shares her story of overcoming the difficulties of being an architect with multiple sclerosis.

Everything is possible

Do not be affraid! When God is with you, everything is possible.....even to climb the highest mountain in the World. 

Climb Your Own Mountain

Growing up in a conservative religious culture were a woman's value is placed in whether she is married, is a mother, or if she is a good homemaker was very difficult for me. To be married by the age of 17 was the norm and the emphasis on educa...

After Loss

Academic Qualifications Doctorate in clinical psychology / Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies / Amman Private study in Berkeley / California / University USA MA Clinical Psychology / Yarmouk / Ir...


Theme: Everyday, people all over the world go through challenges that impact their lives. Each one of us needs to believe in themselves and find the strength within to climb their own mountain. We want to hear your story telling us how you managed to climb your mountain or how you need help in climbing your mountain. We aim at both inspiring and empowering women.

Participation: Any woman aged 18 and above can participate in this international contest. Participants declare that they agree to the terms and conditions of the contest, the rules, and the jury's decision. Participation is free.

Each participant can submit either a video or a written entry describing their story and how they climbed their mountain.

Video submission duration can be up to 1:30 minute

Written submission entry can be up to 1,000 words.

By submitting an entry, participants give the organizers the right to use their entries to promote the videos and their content.

The top voted stories will be included in an inspirational publication titled #ClimbYourMountain.


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