Maysalward’s Edutainment Mobile Game Competition

6 days left!    

Maysalward is a pioneer mobile game developing Studio searching for promising Game Designers! Participants are required to submit a Game Design Documentation for Designing an Edutainment Mobile Game for Kids in Refuges Camp.Age group 9-12

Latest Ideas

It's Raining Vocabulary

A Primary School dictionary has exploded in the sky and all the vocabulary are  running away and falling full speed towards the grounds.   Equipped with only a keyboard,  your job is to correctly type the name(spellin...

Mobile - Browser based 2D Strategy game.

The game will have a 2D modeled ecosystem and a timeline. The goal of the game is to ensure that the living organism created by each user survives in this ecosystem, evolves rapidly, takes place at the top of the food primate, and increases the p...

Learn to code

فكرة العبة تعلم كيفية البرمجه و لغاتها  , عبر تحريك الاعب و ظهور الكود للتحرك لكل لغة و حسب كل خطوة او يفعلها بالعبة , و من ثم كتبة الكود و فهمه لكي يلعب 

My village

هذه اللعبة جميله جدا و هي قرية مبنية و اعادة بناء و غرس الاراضي و تشبه لعبة صراع العشائر من حيث البناء او المزرعة السعيدة و عندما تنمو ويصبح موسم الحصاد يمكن استبدال المحصول بالعديد من الجوائز اليومية مثل: صفحة من القرآن الكريم أو نكتة مضحكة أو ما شا...

Game to teach programming for children

تساعد هذا العبة الأطفال على برمجة بعض الألعاب الرسوم المتحركة ، عن طريق عملية السحب وإسقاط الكتل عن بعد والبرنامج يغيرها بشكل صحيح لتعلم على تدريب ، أهداف ..البرنامج لتدريب الأطفال على التسلسل المنطقي الذي تحتاجه البرمجة &n...

PROJECT MALIK - A game for children to teach them English and Math in a unique and fun way!

The game’s story is about Malik who works in a refugee camp. There are very limited food resources in the camps, so it’s up to Malik to help get these resources and provide the refugees with their food needs! The game’s locati...

عالمي السحري

الفكرة هي أن نجعل الأطفال في المخيمات يعبرون عن أحلامهم وصراعاتهم وطموحاتهم بالرسم وتتحول هذه الرسومات إلى كتاب تتم برمجة تطبيق بستخدام الواقع المعزز حتى يقرأ هذه الرسومات وتتحول إلى مغامرات تعليمية للأطفال The idea is to make children in the cam...

VR English learning

This game will based on Virtual Reality specially mobile VR , the game will target the kids who are willing to learn english words in most exciting way , the scenario will be : 1) there will be a boy(Virtual Guide) welcome the kids in arabic...

Maysalward’s Edutainment Mobile Game Competition

    •    Theme: Designing an Edutainment Mobile Game for Kids in Refuges Camp. Age group 9-12 years

    •    Participation: Anyone aged 18 and over can participate in this international contest. Participants declare that they agree with the terms and conditions of the contest, the rules, and the jury’s decisions. Participation is free.

    •    Winner will win a prize of JOD 500 for each winner. Also will have the opportunity to Work with Maysalward Team

    •    Each participant can submit only one Game design document in PDF format, A synopsis of an edutainment Mobile game for kids in refugee camps aimed at age group 9-12 years old. Explain the concept, vision, or idea. Include the genre of game you would utilize. Make references to other games to explain how you would make your game (one-page maximum). In addition, provide an outline detailing your story, possible levels, and characters (one-page maximum). Provide diagrams explaining any features or game mechanics (one to two pages maximum) and a simplified map of the game world described in your synopsis.

    •    By submitting an entry, participants give the organizers the right to use their entries to promote the competition (i.e. the catalog, publicity in the press and on other media, posters, etc.).  

    •    Entrants remain responsible for the originality of their works. Discussions and possible claims related to any form of plagiarism are at the entrant’s expense. If plagiarism is discovered after the prizes have been awarded, the jury can deliberate and decide to revoke the prize.


Category: Technology

Cash Prize: $1000

Duration: 6 days left

2018-03-29 11:06:25
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