Daleelak App Logo Design

Daleelak is a mobile application used to connect freelance labor with local demand. Through the app you can find instant help with daily tasks, such as cleaning and running errands.


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Winning Idea

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that Waleed Ismail is the winner of our ’Logo Design’ competition. Daleelak team would like to thank you for participating and sharing your creativity!

With this message we would like to thank all our dear participants for their active participation and hard work and for making this contest a success. Wishing you all a very best of luck for your future.


A Logo for the Daleelak app with a simple concept that is all about the connections with others through the app. As you can see there are three symbols mixed with each other to create a concept, the translation of the word Daleelak is (Your Guide)...

Latest Ideas

ربط الأشخاص

لقد قمت بالتعبير عن الترابط بين العاملين عن بعد مع أصحاب الشركات, بـ أيقونة السلسلة, غير أن الشكل الخارجي للسلة يأتي على شكل حرف "W" وذلك أيضاً تعبيراً عن الأمتداد الطبيعي للمواقع الألكترونية التقليدية.

Daleelak App logo

وضع اسم التطبيق بطريقة احترافية بدون خلفية مع تمييز الحرف الاول و مع اضافة لمسه ميكانيكية صغيرة لوصف الهدف من التطبيق. Place the application name professionally without a background with the first letter "D" marked with a small mechanical touch to describ...

طريقة رسم اول حرف من اسم التطبيق

 الفكرة هي عبارة عن توضيح اول حرف من اسم التطبيق التي من خلالها اردت ان يكن التصميم واضحا للمشاهد

مشبك الاوراق

فكرتي تقوم على رسم حرف D على شكل مشبك الاوراق اللذي نجمع به اوراق ( المعاملات ) ثم في نهاية الحرف اضفت سهم و المقصود بالفكرة اننا ناخذ معاملتك ثم نعيدها لك جاهزة

لوجو لتطبيق دليلك

اعتمدت رسم اللوجو بهذه الطريقة حتى تصل فكرته كيفما رآه اي شخص .. بالاصل رسمت حرف الدي الذي به تبتدئ كلمة دليلك ورسمت باقي الشكل على هيئة عين التي هي الدليل الاول للانسان وبنهايتها كان سهما يدل على الوصول للهدف المراد.. من الممكن لناظر ان يراها حرف الدي وس...

صوت اكتر

يكون التصويت ليس فقط بالمشاركة عن طريق شخص بل يكون البرنامج معروف اكتر بارفاق الدعاية عنه في كل مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي


لنفتخر بأنه تطبيق عربي ولخدمة المجتمع العربي 


i have but the letter D to reprosent daleelak and i have also put arrows to show direction  and this also means that thus application is available for everone in jordan easily  you can get what you want from this application i al...

Daleelak :

The idea of ​​the logo is that this program will put your application and then look for your application and then find your request

Daleelak Icon

قمت بالتعبير عن التطبيق بالحمام الزاجل , للدلالة على ربط الأشخاص ببعضهم كما في القدم وأيضاً رمز للتوصيل . 


I designed the Logo application daleelak logo symbolizes that the person who thinks a lot finds the most suitable solution is daleelak application

Daleelak (Map)

Daleelak 'Map' logo design is a simple yet informative icon, depicting the path that the organization provides for the user, through maplike and even fingerprint illustration that is shaped as the letter 'D'.


Daleel in Arabic means a source and usualy we take our sources from books  thats where i came up with this idea  Also we can make it colorfull to show thats its Daleel for everything you want  


The compass triggers you to the right path

Daleelak Logo (light)

The idea for this logo is that the letter for DALEELAK in arabic have been arranged vertically to be viewed as a lighthouse. Lighthouses havealways been used as guidance systems and in the case of Daleelak works perfectly with the app's pu...


Lighthouses were first created by man so that they would guide him to the safety of shore when lost or in darkness. The App is designed to guide and provide service to people when the need arises. The arm holding the lighthouse comes to indicate&nb...

Daleelak Logo and app icon

The logo design is inspired from the application idea itself, connecting people, resources and providing services. The icon can be seen as two people reaching each other and at the same time it can be seen as a magnifier that helps you find what you are...


one click and we will be at your service , simple logo for DALEELAK app          


Simple design DALEELAK logo Anyone using the phone has this simple application shows a large number of users and lines connected together around the logo shows that communication (This is DALEELAK)

Daleelak logo 1

simple and basic design, since it is for an app did not want it to have many small details that will get lost when made smaller, straight to the point as the briefcase resembles professionals while the book resembles the old school guide books we used b...


A Logo for the Daleelak app with a simple concept that is all about the connections with others through the app. As you can see there are three symbols mixed with each other to create a concept, the translation of the word Daleelak is (Your Guide)...

Daleelak icon

A simple idea that combines the magnifying glass and the first letter of  daleelak word


This Icon is the sign of the links that we add in emails, messanger or in other social media applications this links play a big role to help us to find the information that we need and it would be our perfect guide if we have a difficult question. So th...

Daleelak App logo

Simple and minimal desgin for the latter D and dal in Arabic as a map locator . I hope you like it. Mohammed Musa.

your job provider and guide.

made this logo with two main elemnets. first is the suit icons for the purpose of the app which is providing jobs and freelance jobs, second element is the circles beside each other meaning the conection among others, may you all like it.

Daleelak logo

Instant service at your finger tips


'e' will never be the same again...

Getting work done!

I came up with a unique and straightforward design to not only deliver the point across, but also to design a logo that is simple and creative. Daleelak is about helping people find freelance workers, cleaners and helping people getting their daily task...

to connect

I think the name of the app must be obvios so people can easily remember it, the little three signs indicate the goal of the app as your guide to connect to people

Daleelak App Logo Design

Seeking designers to produce a logo for the mobile application Daleelak

We are looking for a minimal yet powerful logo. Be Creative!


Competition Guidelines:

  • Your aim is to design a logo for the app, both for the name itself and for the app icon.


  • Participation: Anyone aged 18 and over can participate in this international contest. Participants declare that they agree with the terms and conditions of the contest, the rules, and the jury’s decisions. Participation is free.


  • Logo must be in JPEG or PNG format.


  • Each participant can submit one idea, all graphic techniques are allowed. No design is allowed if it has been published or exhibited in the past.


  • By submitting an entry, participants give the organizers the right to use their entries.


  • Entrants remain responsible for the originality of their works. Discussions and possible claims related to any form of plagiarism are at the entrant’s expense. If plagiarism is discovered after the prizes have been awarded, the jury can deliberate and decide to revoke the prize.




Category: Art

Cash Prize: $300

Project is closed

2017-04-05 12:49:29

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